EOS was founded in 1996 by Fabio Sgarabottolo and it expanded continuously over the years establishing itself as a leader, and in some cases as an innovator, of instruments for human and animal diagnosis. Since ever it aimed high and worked day by day in order to achieve its goals.

The world of diagnosis, and more generally the healthcare field, is changing rapidly. This requires a diligent investigation before choosing products and instruments. EOS offers a wide range of the most innovative devices on the market. Public and private companies can benefit from our experience because we provide continuous assistance to all our customers, paying attention to their needs and offering the most suitable solutions to them.

EOS. Give a better life.



Fabio SgarabottoloPresident & CEOfabio@eosbio.com
Silvana MagarottoVice-President & CFOsilvana@eosbio.com


Rosalinda GigliottiSecretarygigliotti@eosbio.com
Laura ZoviCompliance & Legal Affairzovi@eosbio.com
Ramona PasinCustomer Care – Order Entrypasin@eosbio.com
Stefania SgarabottoloCustomer Care – Order Entrystefania@eosbio.com
Teresa BasileCustomer Care – Tender Officebasile@eosbio.com
Nicoletta ScopaCustomer Care – Administrationscopa@eosbio.com
Serenella VolpinCustomer Care – Administrationvolpin@eosbio.com


Elisa MontemezzoCustomer Care – Servicemontemezzo@eosbio.com
Renato MagarottoCustomer Care – Logisticsmagarotto@eosbio.com
Domenico UccelliCustomer Care – Logisticsuccelli@eosbio.com
Mattia MagarottoCustomer Care – Field Service Engineermattiamagarotto@eosbio.com
Mauro PandolfiCustomer Care – Field Service Engineerpandolfi@eosbio.com
Alberto FasolatoCustomer Care – Field Service Engineerfasolato@eosbio.com
Andrea SelminCustomer Care – Field Service Engineerselmin@eosbio.com
Giuseppe FurlanCustomer Care – ICTfurlan@eosbio.com


Achille MeneghiniMarketing – Laboratory Solutionsmeneghini.co@eosbio.com
Dario FacchiniMarketing – Hospital Logistics Solutionsfacchini@eosbio.com
Diego BaccalginiHead of Sales Structure AHDbaccalgini@eosbio.com
Maddalena FasoloMarketing – Laboratory Solutionsmfasolo@eosbio.com