The pre-analytical phase comprises all those processes that take place before the analytical phase itself. Among those processes can be mentioned patient’s identification, blood collection, sample identification, sample check-out, transportation, and traceability of materials and all the activities accomplished during this process.

Diagnostic errors that occur during the pre-analytical extra-laboratory phase rise up to 68%. This statistic underlines that a thorough and scrupulous attention is needed when performing such activities.

EOS offers a range of solutions that go from check-in and check-out systems, traceability during the blood collection phase to full security out-of-hospital refrigerated transportation of biological samples which can be entirely traced. It also offers within-hospital transportation systems, sorting material procedures, conservation chain, labelling and sample traceability systems, software designed to help managing the laboratory materials, systems helping in the preparation of blood collection phase, sample stations for check-in, decapping, aliquoting, labelling and recapping within the laboratory.